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Welcome to Sky Burner

Welcome to the first public beta version of Sky Burner. This is my second try with XNA platform, basically the project was born in the aim to port my 3D Engine TerraCresta, written in C++/OpenGL, on XNA. The port itself was not so "dramatic" since my old engine had a class schema that fit friendly with the XNA class schema and Update/Draw logic, of course some portion of the code had to be rewritten but definitely it was i nice try :)

The result is Sky Burner a 3D old school shooter game inspired by SEGA masterpiece After Burner, hope you enjoy playing and modifying it as i enjoy myself in creating it.

sky_burner_action_02.jpg sky_burner_action_03.jpg

Hope you enjoy ;-) for info and contacts here is my blog

Riccardo Ceccato

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